Product Care

Tinsel Fringe & Ruffle Trim T-Shirt Tops:

  • Tinsel and ruffle trim tops can be refreshed with a fabric re-fresher or simply air out. Spot clean on t-shirt body only. IT IS NOT recommended to machine wash, dry clean or submerge tinsel or ruffle trim tops.
  • Low-medium iron on t-shirt body only.
  • If top gets wet, air out to dry.
  • Color tinsel may transfer on lighter color fabrics, especially if it gets wet. Take care if wearing with white or light color clothing.
    • In some instances, a concentrated stain remover product can remove color transfer stain. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these products. Use at your own risk.

Vintage Fabric Tops:

  • Tops made of vintage fabrics and t-shirts can be handwashed in cold water and hung out to dry.